Power & Provision of God: See and Be the Church Luke 9:1-6; 10-17 (Part 1)

April 4, 2017 Walter Lanier 0

On our Christian journey, we have experienced both the power and provision of God. We might need to be reminded of this sometimes but if we have believed God and called on God, we have experienced his power and his provision. This study reminds us not only to see God and believe God but to “act like we know. We not only “see and believe” but we must be the church.

God is Calling! Are You Willing? Luke 2:8-20

January 17, 2017 Walter Lanier 1

All along our Christian journey . . . God is calling us. He is calling us to serve, to pray, to praise, to give, to preach, to teach, to lead, to follow, etc. However, when God is calling, are we willing? Are we willing to listen for the voice of God? Are we willing to act and move? Are we willing to actively seek God? Are we willing to witness to God’s power? Are we willing to worship and praise?

Luke 1:46-55 Rejoice with Jesus! Pregnant with Possibilities and Promise

December 23, 2016 Walter Lanier 0

God has made Mary a promise. And, although the promise is not yet fulfilled, she rejoices in advance. She is confident in the promise of God and anticipates the arrival of God’s promise — the birth of Christ — in and through her. We should be the same way in our lives. Rejoicing in anticipation of the promises God has made in our lives-even in uncertain times.