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2 Peter Bible Study/Intro & Chapter 1

Introduction to 2 Peter. In his first letter Peter feeds Christ’s sheep by instructing them how to deal with persecution. from outside the church (see 1Pe 4:12); in this second letter he teaches them...

Check Yourself: Serve the Suffering Savior 0

Check Yourself: Serve the Suffering Savior

Sunday’s sermon entitled “Check Yourself: Serve the Suffering Savior” was drawn from Matthew 20:18-28. In this narrative, Christ has just shared with his disciples that he will experience an agonizing death – he will...


War & Peace: God’s Promise, God’s Power and Plan, God’s Peace – Joshua 11:15-23/Matthew 11:28

Where there is war, over time, Christ will bring victory and Christ will bring peace. We must hang on to the promises the Lord has made even in the midst of war. We must trust that through his power and through his plan God will deliver on his promises and provide us with the peace that we seek. That “perfect peace beyond all understanding” (Philippians 4:6-7)