Sunday’s sermon entitled “Check Yourself: Serve the Suffering Savior” was drawn from Matthew 20:18-28. In this narrative, Christ has just shared with his disciples that he will experience an agonizing death – he will be “mocked and flogged and crucified.” (v18). His disciples have been with him for three years and he has told them – for the third time – of his pending death. In that moment, we would expect that those who love him would draw near to him . . . to comfort him . . . to pray with him.

How would those closest to Christ respond to the tragic revelation of his pending death in verse 18? And, in our modern times, how do we live our dailies lives knowing the price of our salvation? The disciples would fail Jesus and their faith in this moment. James, John and their mother were so self absorbed that they completely ignored the agony and death that Christ was going to experience. They were more concerned about power, prestige and position. They needed to “check themselves” and serve their suffering savior.

As always, Christ turned it into teaching moment. “Whoever wants to be great . . . must serve . . . whoever wants to be first . . . must be a slave.” This is the nature of the kingdom of God.

How about you and me? The disciples were not yet prepared to accept a suffering, crucified savior. We have accepted. So, do we seek to serve him? Or do we seek to serve ourselves??

As we approach the Good Friday, let us all check ourselves. Who and how do we carry ourselves with others? Is it all about us? Are seeking to always be right? To always be on top?? Are we self serving? If so, we have failed our God. Be careful who you/we serve on our daily journeys . . . Check yourself!

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