Participated in an excellent community event a few weeks ago “Beyond Sherman Park.”  The community was well engaged.  Here are a few quotes and images from the event.  I will update it with more photos later…


“It never hits the ground…it never gets to the people who really need it…Sherman Park starts at 30th Street”


“The people have the power…let’s believe in our young people” Bucky Lewis
“The city is not always bad but it’s easy to sell a problem” Jarrett English. “For the past 30 years, our business and political community have absolutely failed us. . . one tenth of that would make this city a paradise”


Keisha Krumm, Common Ground


“it’s really for foundation…we’re trying to build something from the top down” Frank Nitti
Lisa Jones, UBLAC
“How do we make the park functional to the community we address?


“The system is working exactly how the powers want it to right now.”

“You don’t have to come to our community like it’s a zoo”

“I started harming myself at the age of five.”

“there are a lot of things that I see that are done to keep people out of the park.”
Farina Brooks “Church people got it all wrong…first thing we have to do is have a listening ear”
“They want action…they want us to listen…they want help”
“They might have a story.”
“The people I did know to call were Vaun Mayes and Tracey Dent”