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Christ, Christmas and Young Motherhood

As I meditate and reflect on our Christmas service tomorrow, I cannot help but reflect on new young mothers who are bringing new children into a world that looks pretty ugly and scarred . . . no easy journey.
Mothers, I pray you yet rejoice at the miraculous birth of your children . . . even in times of challenge. They remain filled with great potential and Godly possibility. Jesus was born on the outside . . . in a manger . . . there was no place for him on the inside. But that birth did not confine him or define him. He still bore the good news. He is Emmanuel. He is “God with us.”
And I honor this Christmas, my young mother, who gave birth to me in the small and humble town of Buffalo, NY 48 years ago. Gave me the precious gift of life. Always pushed me — with high expectations — to become what the Lord had created me to be.
To God be the glory for the great things he has done.
In Jesus’ name.

Merry Christmas and amen.


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