Author: Walter Lanier


God is Calling! Are You Willing? Luke 2:8-20

All along our Christian journey . . . God is calling us. He is calling us to serve, to pray, to praise, to give, to preach, to teach, to lead, to follow, etc. However, when God is calling, are we willing? Are we willing to listen for the voice of God? Are we willing to act and move? Are we willing to actively seek God? Are we willing to witness to God’s power? Are we willing to worship and praise?

Milwaukee Warming Centers/Rooms Project 4

Milwaukee Warming Centers/Rooms Project

A group of engaged Milwaukeeans are looking for ways to help during time so bitter cold. The goals are list below, please plug in: The goal of this project is: (1) raise awareness in...


Luke 1:46-55 Rejoice with Jesus! Pregnant with Possibilities and Promise

God has made Mary a promise. And, although the promise is not yet fulfilled, she rejoices in advance. She is confident in the promise of God and anticipates the arrival of God’s promise — the birth of Christ — in and through her. We should be the same way in our lives. Rejoicing in anticipation of the promises God has made in our lives-even in uncertain times.

A Theology for a Grieving People | Sojourners 0

A Theology for a Grieving People | Sojourners A Theology for a Grieving People My tears started while I was sitting in a coffee shop, and they refused to stop. I gathered my laptop and purse, hurried back to the car,...


From Mockery to Ministry: Acts 2:13, 36-41

Peter’s bold response is to move forward. He shares the word of God and his personal testimony about God. But, he does not stop here. He also tells the people the truth about themselves. He does not shrink away from holding the people accountable for their behavior. This is so important because it is the power of the word of God, through the mouth of the child of God, that takes the narrative “from mockery to ministry.”

Violence, Shooting and Closing the Doors of the Church 0

Violence, Shooting and Closing the Doors of the Church

I wish I had simple answers to the violence that is moving around us so regularly. Last week, someone was shot at a church at a funeral. This story tells of a church that...