Year’s from now, I imagine Colin Kaepernick is going to share some pearls of wisdom from this season of his life’s journey. I am particularly impressed and intrigued by his deeds. In contrast too so much of modern society’s compulsion for “saying and what is said” (i.e. social media), Kaepernick has allowed his deeds…what he does…to speak.  So much of our attention is now consumed by speeches, tweets, 30 second soundbites, “optics,” messaging, etc.  But Kaepernick does not seem to be a man of “so many words.”  Instead, I see a man of so many actions.

From what I can see, he has been engaged deeply and authentically in community.  I have read of him investing in communities (including Milwaukee)  And, in the latest example we see him standing quietly with and at the request of the Native American community.  He was with the Alcatraz Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering on what is celebrated as Thanksgiving Day — it is a great example. He didn’t need to go and it was not to a lot of “fanfare.” But, there he was supporting community.

I look forward to seeing and hearing how history treats him.

For me?  I say. . . Salut-

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