On Saturday, June 24, 2017, we had an excellent dialogue at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church about Black Men and the Church: The Liberating Power of the Gospel.  We discussed the issue from four different angles as presented by Rev. Patrick Keen (the elder, Rev. Walter J. Lanier (the facilitator – me), Rev. Greg Lewis (the institutional builder) and Rev. Derrick Rogers (the scholar).

We can with the following proposition or question to launch our dialogue:

Is America’s Black preacher a prosperity/pulpit pimp? Or is the preacher the leader of Black America’s most sacred, enduring and revolutionary institution–the Black Church? Perhaps the truth resides somewhere in the middle.

I will update the post later with comments but here are some pictures from the event:

Young brother choppin’ it up and challenging the church to do more.
Pastors United President, Rev. Greg Lewis delivers a powerful word and concern.
“The Scholar” and Black Liberation theologies, Rev. Derrick Rogers, breaks it down.

Pensive and reflective

The speakers and Milwaukee’s MKE Fellows along Attorney John Daniels
Several generations discuss our current conditions

Serious discussion taking place.

The people engaged in the dialogue
Pastor Patrick Keen speaks with intensity
Pastor Teresa makes it plain!

3 thoughts on “Pulpit Pimp or Powerful Prophet: Black Men and the Church”

  1. Looks like a awesome effort to dialogue. What were the results or solution’s? What is Liberation Theology? Sounds interesting. Does it reflect or include Church Women. Glad to see Pastor Teresa.

    1. It was an excellent dialogue and we will follow up with another event. Although the event was targeted to men, women were welcome and in attendance.

      Will post more details today on liberation theology and Black Liberation theology as well as some notes from the presenters. For background on Black Liberation Theology, you might consider doing a search on James Cone.

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