For some time, I have been – slowly – working on a book on biblical leadership and would like your input.

Beginning in Exodus with Moses directing Joshua to lead the battle against the Amalekites and ending with Moses on the mountaintop in Deutoronomy, the book will explore the relationship between Moses, Joshua and the people BEFORE Moses dies and Joshua assumes the mantle of leadership.

It is a walk through the narratives and – through the lens of leadership – it explores the interactions of Moses, Joshua and the people, as the leadership baton is passed from one generation to the next. The book will look particularly at the relationship between Moses and Joshua as a possible model for intergenerational leadership.

I have two questions (maybe three). First, does this sound like a book that would interest you and, if so, why? Second, would you be more inclined to buy it if were primarily a walk through the narratives or one that was set up as a bible study or included a study guide?

All comments, questions and critiques appreciated.


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  1. Yes I would read it, simply because you are writing it. Also, I have a desire to become more knowledgeable of God’s words.

  2. Bro Lanier, In listening to you during men’s fellowship, Your ability to reach out and include others in your discussions, just shows that in your writing a book the interest level would increase as the book progresses. GOD I’m sure will bless this project just as He has blessed you all of your life. Good lock with the book and if there is any I can help, just let me know.

    1. Thanks Bro. Ivey, sometimes we are not always aware of our own gifts and strengths. I pray you are feeling better and we will continue to collaborate and amplify the ministry.

  3. Bro Lanier,

    Sounds like a very unique and worthwhile project.

    I would be more inclined to purchase the work in the narrative form.

    If your book was a bible study, I would be inclined if it was all inclusive. That is, not a separate study guide.

    God Bless,

    Don P

  4. Yes, it would interest me very much for at least two reasons. One, there is a necessity for effective intergenerational baton-passing. However, this needs to occur on the two levels of communication and mentoring. The two generations may not do leadership the same way, but the principles are the same. Secondly, the coming up generation needs to know they are appreciated and not feel negated when they are told to wait not only on the Lord’s cal, but his preparation and sending.
    I think you’re onto something! Of necessity, I think there must be a study guide to accompany the narrative. I’m praying for you!

  5. Have you ever read/studied “Lead Like Jesus” by Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodgers? I thought it was a well written study guide (with dvd series as well). I would have to say that I’m in favor of seeing your book in study guide form. I believe you are on to something! The topic of leadership is not one that is well developed in the church or secular world. And as for supporting your efforts yes I WILL purchase this book as soon as it hits the bookstore! Leadership is a topic that is very dear to me and I am always looking for new material to read and/or study.

    1. Thanks Auntie! I will check out that book. I love leadership and its study! I think we all, especially in the Kingdom, need to be equipped to lead. Opportunities arise where it is absolutely necessary for leaders with integrity to step forward and we need to be equipped.

  6. May peace be with you. Of course, I would be interested in the book. As a pastor and theologian I am always interested in observing others perspective regarding the spiritual mantle and legacy being passed along. The world is in peril, while the Church has a spiritual mandate that is grounded in righteousness. Finally, the message of the kingdom does not float in suspension but rather is exemplified through the lives of faithful servants. The saga surrounding the leadership of Moses and Joshua interacting with the people contains profound spiritual and social messages. May God give you grace, mercy and insight to fulfill this assignment. Thank you for sharing and God bless.

    1. Thank you Pastor Stampley. I look forward to sharing and also look forward to reading your book on Spiritual Gifts.

  7. Good morning, my brother:

    Yes, I am certainly interested in your material. As a “Joshua” of a ministry that has endured hardships and has arrived at seeing God’s protective and victorious hand, I can identify with the story you are bringing to light. It will be a help for other “Joshuas” in ministry.

  8. I would be interested in a narrative form. Moses communicating with Joshua was unique to their era. Bridging the “gap” in the 21st century with that era’s principles could be interesting. I quess it’s all about interpretation. Leadership is God’s spiritual gift to a chosen few

    1. Thanks Bro. Rankin. I agree that it will be an interesting process to bring the Moses/Joshua narrative forward in a relevant 21st century manner. It is one of the reasons – for now – that I only posit it as “a” paradigm and not “the” paradigm for passing a leadership baton.

  9. This sounds like a worthwhile project; and most certainly I would buy it because understanding leadership from an intergenerational perspective is needed.

  10. Walter,
    I like the subject. I like the narrative approach because I think stories speak powerfullly to people and I like the subject matter on leadership with a biblical emphasis.
    Pastor Ken Wheeler

  11. This is very timely and worthwhile. I think either direction that you take will be meaningful. I could see extreme value in releasing the first iteration as a narrative with a follow up fieldbook for Bible Study usage or even succession planning techniques to prepare ministries for transitions between the visionary and their successor.

  12. Thanks for the opportunity to respond. Yes I would buy and read your book. Leadership through your prosposed teaching is not easily found. The idea of passing the baton from generation to generation could prove to be an interesting theory in a Bible guide.

  13. Dear Walter:

    I can see the intergenerational components of those biblical relationships. I would also want to read some paraleling concepts of today’s journeys, of historical and present folks, that may have some of the same characteristics in their life walk.

    Many times the journeys of Africans and Black people, out of slavery and oppression, are compared to the Exodus but their is one component we did not have. In some ways you could compare the era of Jim crow (almost 100 years) to the 40 years in the desert for the tribes/people of Israel in their walk towards unity of purpose.

    I don’t believe we had enough total separation (the people in exodus had 40 years to walk, be punished, be loved and create an ever lasting unity) from the forces of oppression to solidify that unity which was partially shattered by intergration, as did those who followed Moses and Joshua.

    How would you compare Harriet Tubman leadership and interaction with the abolitionist in the success of the Underground Railroad to the walk of Moses and Joshua in leading slaves to freedom and new homes?

    Their were significant accomplishments, that we still claim today, in higher education, culture, music, art, freedom, faith, industry/invention, sport and life that contribute to our community, the USA and the world and point to a type of unity that created these thriving institutions.

    How do these compare to the walk and life of those God driven leaders, like Moses, Joshua and others who led their people to freedom and a home?

    I’d read what ever you produced in a bible study format and or a book.

    Much success in your work.

    Peace, Love, Blessings and Soul!

    Tyrone P. Dumas

  14. I thank the concept of leadership discussion on any level is exciting thing and should be done. Now, the idea of Spiritula Leadership moves the discussion to another level entirely and that’s reason I feel your vision of passing the Leadership Baton to the next generation is a reach beyond the STATUS QUO. I believe the condition of the BLACK MAN IN AMERICA IS A SPIRITUAL DISFUNCTIONAL THING. Thus, concept of INTERGENERATONAL Leadership is exceeding timely and need to be taught. The methodology of teaching I believe should be an approach that deals with a QUESTION, DISCUSSION, ANSWER AND PROBLEM SOLVING FORMAT. If you structure your book or booklet accordingly it could work. Well that is just my opinion. My pray is that God will your effort.

  15. Walter

    Thanks for including me in the discussion. It would have been an easy thing for Moses to leave out the descriptions of his own failings. But he didn’t. Why did the Holy Spirit direct him to describe himself so candidly, including his great works and his failures, and including God’s rejection of him as the person to lead Israel into the promised land? I expect that part of the reason is that we can learn from Moses. Your desire to scour Moses’ words for the lessons on leadership left for us may be exactly the type of thing we are supposed to do.

    I would be more inclined to read it as a study guide (if my study used that guide). I personally would read it because you wrote it; but I think many people read study guides because their Bible study group is reading that particular guide.


  16. Rev. Lanier,
    First, let me say that you’re the one who could give life to the Moses to Joshua saga! Having personally experienced your intergenerational sensitivity, whether teaching from the pulpit, or simply relating naturally, and lovingly, to your own and other young people, I feel that you would bring authenticity to the necessity of intergenerational equipping!

    You are a natural to communicate with our Millennials, who many characterize as tech-savvy multitaskers. I will buy the book.

    My preference is narrative, with a study guide. I’m sure my granddaughter will experience it on her e-reader!


  17. Rev. Lanier , I think it would be good for Men’s Fellowship group with the Study guide. People would buy it for there study groups. Good job. Keep letting the Lord lead you.

  18. Rev. Lanier,
    I encourage the development of this subject material. I would love to see your book in narrative form with a study guide. Here’s why. I strongly believe the biblical model is to pass the baton on from one generation to the next. Too often in our African- American churches I have seen the lack of mentorship of the younger leader in the church. The church does a nation wide search or regional, and many times totally picks the wrong leader. How much better it would be for God’s people if we pastors would mentor and train someone that God has placed in our church and groom that young leader to make a smooth transition when we retire. The continuity of leadership, someone who understands our heart and shares our vision, would facilitate not having to start over and earn the people’s trust since you’ve already done that with years of service and the church could continue to multiply. I look forward to buying your work and using it while encouraging my colleagues to do the same for the unity and glory of God’s own ransomed church.

    1. Rev. Griffin:

      Thank you for your detailed comments and assessment. Your response along with others are motivating and help me to push forward with the project. It was also good to see you yesterday evening at the Common Ground function.

      I look forward to sharing.

  19. Walter—
    I would be interested in the project, as I am always interested in how we can make the Old Testament relevant for today. If you left it as a narrative, I think you would be able to accomplish your goal. If you attempt to make it as a Bible Study, the leadership focus has a greater opportunity to get lost in everything else you would need to include as a Bible Study.
    Good luck with the project, it sounds interesting.

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