Progressive Baptist Church

February 2, 2019

By Byron Johnson

The Progressive Baptist Church, partnering with the American Baptist Churches Of Wisconsin took a Saturday to conduct a men’s conference centered around men’s Health and mental health.

The theme was entitled “Men Evolving in Christ: Growth, Grit & Grace. From around 7:30 am until 5:00 pm, Men from different races, backgrounds and walks of life sat together at Progressive Church over breakfast and lunch. These men had the opportunity to freely discuss challenges, triumphs, stories and trials that all shape life experiences as a man.

A biblical focus of the men’s conference was rooted in a charge given in 2 Kings 2:1-2,10-12. Out of this scriptural text, the presentations began with a conversation around “Legacy and Influence: Inspiring a generation; leaving Godly Values,” presented by Min, Byron Jonson. The conference looked at terms and meanings around legacy, manhood, Grit, loving oneself, being influencers, bearing good fruit, being committed to help others grow and many more.

Responses spurred from ideas and stories about fatherhood, grief, generational gaps and an effort to understand youth in greater, more effective ways in the new generation. Discussion groups later boke out and answered two questions. Firstly, “What are two specific actions I can commit to that I know will influence induvial younger than me? Second, “What will my legacy look like?”

After lunch, the second portion began with focus on men’s health and mental health. The floor was given to Mr. Tony Higgins from the Milwaukee health department, and Mr. Hyman Bradshaw, founder of a local men’s group. This presentation started with emphasis on how Milwaukee Health Dept has the capacity to offer more resources. Mr. Higgins noted the problematic reality that what many people and men especially may need heath and resource wise, many do not ask for it.

Men were also inspired in the conference to search and reach out to local officials and the health department to form more programs and access for men’s health.

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