We Got This #changethenarrativemke

June 30, 2018

Had a great time this morning in the “We Got This” Community Garden on 9th and Ring.  The brainchild and vision of Andre Lee Ellis, This program has been serving young black males for several summers in a row providing them to work in their community, get their hands in the soil of the earth, and to get an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work…and those funds come from the community. Here is a link of recent media coverage: http://wuwm.com/post/we-got-plants-seeds-support-milwaukees-central-city

Was blessed to offer the opening prayer and then to be followed by Rev. and African Center educator Derrick Rogers also known as Baba Rogers.  He provided an excellent talk and reflection on the ancestors and on the concept of greatness.

Was also thankful to have several members from Progressive Baptist Church and from the Great Lakes Urban Empowerment Center join us—-as well as my road dog, Askari Lanier. Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writer James Causey is taking video!



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