Always enjoy and appreciate presenting with the dynamic, Brenda Wesley. Brenda is the Director of Community Outreach for National Alliance for Mental Illness of Greater Milwaukee. We presented today the Milwaukee Area Technical College’s West Allis campus to a group wanting to learn about stigma reduction. We shared a lot in today’s session including:

  • A little theology for faith leaders
  • A little structure and process for introducing mental illness ministry inside local faith communities
  • The many people who need equipping and training
    • Clinicians
    • Pastors
    • Nurse
    • Police Officers
    • Lay persons
    • People with lived experience
  • Strategies for learning
  • Importance of creating spaces for serving youth

This slide talks about some of the constructs and biases that we have relative to people who have a mental health diagnoses.

Mental illness defined . . .

How can we make a difference?

Some resources . . .

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