We have spent the month of January – our youth month – talking about working through
the reality of life’s transitions. Drawing on the transition that Israel made from the
leadership of Moses – the older generation – to the leadership of Joshua, we reflected on
how we follow God’s leadership during major transitions in our lives. We talked about
the reality of transition (“Moses is Dead”); God’s vision for us in time of transition; God’s
fulfillment of promise from generation to the next; the need for strength, courage, and
wisdom; and the reality that “when we can’t, God can,” and “when we won’t, God will.”
All of this leads us to the ultimate reality of following God’s lead in life’s transitions. At
some point, we must “get up, get ready, and go.” Yes, we reflect on our current reality
and we listen for God’s direction. We’re aware of God’s power to bring us forward
despite ourselves. However, God would not have us spend the rest of our lives in quiet
reflection and meditation. There remains work that God has for us to do. Do not get
bogged down in your time of transition. Get up. Get ready. And go.

Life’s Transitions v1:1-2 We began this sermon series talking about many of the great
transitions in our lives. We can get stuck by refusing to accept the reality of life’s
transitions. God makes it plain “Moses is dead” God makes plain that things have shifted
– forever.

• Reflect again on some of life’s transitions that we/people may refuse to accept. What are
some examples?

• Reflect on some ways Israel could have gotten stuck by refusing to accept the death of

God’s Guidance v1:3-5 In the middle of this narrative, God provides Joshua with some
words to bring him through the transition including (1) God’s unchanging ways, (2)
God’s fulfillment of intergenerational promises, and (3) a vision for the future. Look into
the text and look for examples of each of one of the above.

• Why were they important for Israel at this time?

• Why are these things particularly important for us as we move through the transitions in

• What might happen if we didn’t have these things during transitional times? (Consider
Proverbs 29:18 for example)
January 30, 2013 Bible Study

Strength, Courage & Wisdom v1:6-9 We not only get stuck at the beginning of the
transition but sometimes can get stuck in the middle of transition – but the world keeps
moving. Whether people were celebrating or mourning with you, eventually the crowds
dissipate. We are by ourselves with God. God reminds Joshua that he must be strong and
courageous and that he also must stay in God’s word.

• Reflect upon the physical or emotional fatigue or weariness that comes during
times of transition. Can you see why God implored Joshua to be strong? How
are challenged with being strong?

• Now, reflect on the emotional challenges that come with transition. What are
some of those? Why do we think God implores us to be courageous?

• What are some things people/we pursue instead of God during times of transition?
Can we find ourselves seeking other things to find answers? Do we see why God
implored Joshua twice to stay in the word?

Get Up, Get Ready, Go v1:10-11 God has undergirded Joshua in transition, now it’s
time to move! We will spend time in transition but we can’t stay stuck in the moment
(good or bad). The time comes to step into the newness of change.

• Notice that, having heard from the Lord, Joshua then immediately goes into action.
Do we sometimes delay in following the directive of God? What stops us?
Reconsider earlier points.

• Joshua spoke to his leadership. Why do we think this is important? What do we think he might have shared with them?

• Do we see where he casts some vision/direction? Are we intentional in speaking
God’s words to those over whom we have some leadership? Are we intentional
about pursuing God’s purpose for our lives?

• Consider how often the Lord compels us to action. Look at reflect and discuss, for
example, John 21:15-19 and Matthew 28:16-20. This is a great time of transition
for the disciples. What does Christ compel them to do?

As we look at this narrative and Christ’s leadership of the disciples (fallible people like
us) consider that even when he is preparing to depart, he still plans for them to be
engaged in ministry. Remember, God will always use you to spread his light. Be ready
to get up, get ready and to go.



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  1. Very nice and inspirational writing Jack. Besides being a great friend, you are truly a messenger of God, and I enjoy our private chats every time I come to visit. I hope this summer it works out to see you all again. I’ll let you know. Talk soon. Your friend Paul Goode

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