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Power & Provision of God: See and Be the Church Luke 9:1-6; 10-17 (Part 1)

On our Christian journey, we have experienced both the power and provision of God. We might need to be reminded of this sometimes but if we have believed God and called on God, we have experienced his power and his provision. This study reminds us not only to see God and believe God but to “act like we know. We not only “see and believe” but we must be the church.


2 Peter Bible Study/Intro & Chapter 1

Introduction to 2 Peter. In his first letter Peter feeds Christ’s sheep by instructing them how to deal with persecution. from outside the church (see 1Pe 4:12); in this second letter he teaches them...

Failing Faith v Fighting Faith – Luke 22:31-32 0

Failing Faith v Fighting Faith – Luke 22:31-32

  Sermon Summary. Peter, like many of us was an ordinary man that God used to do extraordinary things. He was the leader of the early church. He preached 3,000 people to salvation on...