One of the great opportunities that I am blessed to have is to lead MATC’s Multicultural and Community Engagement Department. First of all, working in a community college environment is phenomenal. It is an academic institution, so it has educational rigor. And, it is a community college, so it has true connection to the ground of the community.

But, I believe what I enjoy most of all is the rich and diverse tapestry of people. On any given day, I spend time with people from so many different ethnicities, cultures, countries, continents, classes, religions, orientations, sociology-economic backgrounds, abilities, etc. It is a naturally occurring part of my daily work.

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This morning, I worked with a young man with autism who has 3.7 grade average and is working hard to help his family achieve. Over the lunch hour, I worked with a man in his 60s; he is looking to engage a new career. And, this afternoon, I worked with students separately from 3 different African countries–Nigeria, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

I worked on issues relative to mental health, criminal just reform and economic reform.

All in a days work–and I’m sure I left out quite a few things.

Today was a good day.

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