Any one who knows me knows I spend quite a bit of time on social media. Recently, I responded to a Facebook post about why people are always so quick to spread negative information.  I only had a few moments but I quickly typed some thoughts and they are reflected below:

“My short thought is that it seems as if, sometimes, it is easier to spread negativity. Easier to gossip, mock and share negative words than it is to spread love. I am thinking of why it is necessary for us to remind ourselves and others that we are called to love one another. We do need to be reminded. We need to be called to that higher standard of love. Reminded to be intentional in owning loving and our commitment to love our neighbors as ourselves. And, not just to love those who love us . . . but to love those who are not always loveable (sometimes that’s us by the way). Love . . .”

After 4 years as an active pastor in a local church, I believe these words more strongly than I ever have.  We have within us the capacity to love but we do have to chose to do so.  And . . . every indication from the biblical text is that we need to be reminded to do so.

I think, perhaps, the best evidence of this truth is the almost complete lack of response or interest in these words about love.  I am not one to count likes or comments but I could not help but notice that this comment about love only got one or two responses. (See . . . Only two likes)  

 I think love is not easy for us.  I think, perhaps, we are not comfortable with what this love commitment requires.

Maybe there is just too much noise to filter through right now . . .

But  . . . love?

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