Summary This sermon draws on the narrative of Jesus calling the disciples to be fishers of men.  God is always calling us to something.  First, there is that most important call to salvation that we experience as we begin our relationship with Christ.  But the journey does not end here.  God continues to call us to grow in our relationship with Him and others on this Christian journey.  How will/do we respond?  The men in this text respond with immediate commitment to the call of God on our lives.  We need to do the same.  When we are called by Christ and we commit to Christ we shall see change in our lives.  There is the change that is manifested in things we leave behind and the change that God works within us.  Listen for the call of God on your life, commit and be changed.

Backstory Here Jesus is walk along the beautiful shore of the Galilee and he encounters two families in the fishing business.  What begins as an ordinary day in the lives of the people leading ordinary lives will transform the world.

Called In verse 19, here is the compelling call of Christ – three simple words. “Come, follow me.”  Notice that he does not demand but extends an invitation.

1.  How many times big or small, have we heard Jesus directing us to follow his lead?

2.  How do we respond to his call? Do we delay?  Do we question?  Do we ask others?

Jesus not only calls but he casts a vision, he tells them what they will become?

3.  What doe s he tell them that they will become?  Why do you think he might have used this imagery?

4.  Is it helpful sometimes to know where God is headed?  Will we always know?  How does knowing (or not) effect our ability/willingness to follow?

Consider that Jesus extended this call to these regular guys while they were on their jobs.  It was an ordinary day in their lives that became extraordinary.

5.  Reflect on or discuss what it means that God operates in ordinary, everyday moments?  Can we miss God in the “ordinary?”  Do you look for God in your day?

6.  Reflect on or discuss what it means for God to use “ordinary” people?  Can God use you?  Are you available to be used?

Committed Verses 20 and 22 show the commitment (“radical obedience”) that these fishermen had to the call of Christ.

7.  What words do we see in these verses that show their response to Jesus’ call on their lives?

8.  How often do we respond “immediately” or “at once” do a direction that we receive from the Lord?  What stops us from responding immediately?

Changed Verses 20 and 22 also show the commitment by their immediate response but it also shows us the change.  When we heed Christ’s call we ought to change.  There should be some changes we make and some changes that God makes in us.

9.  These men were clearly changed.  What things did they leave behind as part of their decision to follow Christ?

10.  Can you think of some changes you had to make when answering God’s call?  Remember it not just bad things, it could be people, places, things, habits or routines, etc.

11.  How easy or difficult was it to make the changes?

In addition to the commitment and change that we choose to make, we also need to remember that a commitment to Christ works a change in us.  What are some of the ways that God changes us? Romans 12:2 and 2 Corinthians 5:17.

It is blessing to change for Christ and to be changed by Christ.  Be open to God’s call, commit to what he call you to and be eager to the change you will make and see in your life.  When we are available, God will use us in awesome ways.  These men would go on to be Christ disciples.  Three of them became part of Christ’s inner circle and God used them (as us) to change the world.  Ordinary, in the hands of the master, is extraordinary.


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